The World Socialist Movement (WSM) is an international organisation of affiliated socialist parties created in 1904 with the founding of the Socialist Party of Great Britain. The parties share a common orthodox socialist perspective, therefore in contrast to Social democratic parties, the WSM member parties do not form blocs or coalitions with other socialist parties that do not share their orthodoxy; and in contrast to Leninist Communist parties, they do not engage in revolutionary activities spearheaded by a Vanguard. They do however stand in elections on occasion indeed it is their believe that sending delegates to parliament as in their opinion it is a useful tool within the socialist revolution, this places them within the context of Marxism and therefore distinguishes them from many anarchist organisations that may support the idea of socialism as the WSM sees it but not the Marxist tactics they propose. The focus of the WSM member parties is to proliferate the ideas of socialism, correct misconceptions regarding socialism, to make people aware of the structural issues inherent to capitalism and to facilitate open debate regarding the future organization of society.