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The Socialist Wiki is about all types of leftist thought, from Liberalism to the most radical Anarchism. Animelover is the admin. Please start adding more pages and be sure to use templates!

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Welcome to the Socialism Wiki, a project to document Socialism and all leftist thought in general, its history, theory, and subsets, as well as current events. This is a wiki, so anyone can create or edit a page. For the basics on editing, you can refer to "how to edit a page" on Wikipedia.

Socialism Wiki is also proud to announce a new election watch, which will be a series of articles focusing on recent elections all around the world. Every month their is at least one election in the world, be it in a Parliament or Presidential. Socialism Wiki plans to track these elections, it will not only increase our page count but make our content more relevant.

Wondering what to write? Here is a good list to follow

1) Are we missing pages on political ideologies? For example if their is no "Maoism" page do a little research on that and write an article for it.

2) How about a leftist political thinker? Then add him/her!

3) How about a leftist political party in the world?

4) Leaders of those parties should also be added.