Israel Labor Party
Labor (Israel) logo
Created: 1968
Political Ideaology: Social Democracy
Leader Ehud Barak
HQ Hatikva Quarter, Tel Aviv

The Israel Labor Party is a left wing Social Democratic. It is the main left wing party in Israel. Since 1999 they have been in an alliance with the left wing and religious Meimad Party. It supports free market "with a soul". Its leader was Prime Minister in 1968-77; 1984-86; 1992-96; and 1999-2001.

Policies Edit


It has historically been hawkish and strong on defense citing attempts by neighbors to dismantle Israel. The party grew out of the Socialist Zionist movement and Labor Zionism.


The Labor Party gradually shifted to the center and became centrist until around 2005. In November 2005, Amir Peretz, leader of the social democratic One Nation which had merged into the Labor Party, was elected chairman of the party, defeating Shimon Peres. Although it had established itself as a leftist Social Democracy party it has begun to lose membership.

The party now openly supports the right wing Likud government, and much like the British Labour Party it seems to not be living up to it's name.


It had a disastrous showing in the Israeli 2009 Legislative Election.This is mainly due to the conflict in Gaza which caused a right wing reactionary feeling in the Israeli public as well as the parties' movement to the center,which made it indistinguishable from the centrist party Kadima.