Bookchinism or Bookchinites is the political thought of Murray Bookchin. It involves environmentalism as well as ortodox Marxism as well as Anarchism.

Overview Edit

Hybrid political theory, a combination of environmentalism, unorthodox Marxism, and Anarchism, which was developed upon by Murray Bookchin, a former Communist and New Left activist. It is often seen as a type of Social ecology. Bookchinites believe in "dialectal naturalism", a deviation of dialectal materialism which combines Marx’s ideas on societal evolution with the natural world.

Bookchinites and other Eco-Socialists believe that the capitalist economy is responsible for the destruction to the environment. The world ecosystem can only be saved once world socialism (a more sane and humane system) is established. In the US, the Left Green Network (est. 1988, now moribund) follows the ideology of Bookchin.

Bookchinites see democratic control of economic activity as a fundamental alternative to the corporate market system. Also like a vast majority of leftists they oppose racism and sexism of any sort, as well as supporting equal rights for homosexuals.

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Bookchin's Writings