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Anarchism is a political ideology, some forms of which are leftist. It's prime principle is the elimination of all forms of compulsory government. Anarchists often disagree about what the exact criteria for Anarchism is.

Anarchist views vary widely, some which support Capitalism(market-anarchists). It also ranges from complete individualism to complete collectivism. Some anarchists think that a violent over throw is best while others see this as undesirable.

History of Anarchism Edit

Some have claimed that some Taoist works have Anarchist themes in them. Modern Anarchism sprung from the Enlightenment. Jean-Jacques Rousseau's arguments for moral centrality of freedom influenced Anarchist thought to some extent. The first modern Anarchist, by historians, is seen as William Godwin. His views where that "government by its very nature counteracts the improvement of original mind,". Godwin did not approve of the idea of a violent means for Anarchy but rather a steady fall into it. He also advocated extreme individualism and thought that any discrimination on any basis other then ability was wrong.

In the 1800s the first man to call himself an Anarchist was Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. Proudhon is often seen as the founder of modern Anarchist theory. He proposed the idea of "Spontaneous order" where organization emerges, but without any central authority figures. e saw anarchy as "a form of government or constitution in which public and private consciousness, formed through the development of science and law, is alone sufficient to maintain order and guarantee all liberties. In it, as a consequence, the institutions of the police, preventive and repressive methods, officialdom, taxation, etc., are reduced to a minimum.

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Individualist anarchism

Collectivist anarchism

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